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How many to seed at once?


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Question: How many torrents should one seed at any given time?

I know that faster torrents will seed quicker and thus move faster towards my seed stop ratio, but then, like on private trackers, I could be seeding that one particular episode of xyz that isn't the latest/greatest and thus demand is lower and thus my magical seed stop ratio could take literally months to reach. I don't mind keeping the torrent alive and have no problem with that, but I'm concerned that maybe I'm not seeding enough or that I've seeded too many (even though their demand is low)...

Is it bad to see 10 torrents when only 2 are active? or if its still low, can I up it to 20 torrents w/ 2 or 3 active?

I'm curious that is all, I am NOT having any issues w/ uTorrent. I've been using it for many versions w/ outstanding results, generally, any issue that rises is due to my own stupidity and nothing more...


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Start with Ctrl-G ... think about it this way. you want to share data, great!! Think about how much data you want to share and how much upload you can put out. Many people like to stick to the standard 3 KiBps / peer / torrent. This means you divide your total upload / active torrents / slots per torrent and make it >= 3

Others prefer to get data out faster, such as if you're super/initial-seeding . In that case, to get out a 4 MiB piece @ 3, would take forever... so they can change slots and active torrents so UPLOAD / torrents = 15x where x is # of slots. @ 15 KiBps a 4 MiB piece takes just under 5 minutes to get out.

Number of torrents isn't really important especially with a low demand. That's what the Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> queue.* options are for. If you like to keep lower available torrents active then use_seed_peer_ratio helps keep torrents you're the only seeder for active and at a higher priority.

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