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text size not as in windows


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I use the Accessibility Wizard (it's the "accwiz.exe" that is linked from Start Menu/Programs/Accessories/Accessibility) to increase the default text size in windows, the problem is that uTorrent doesn't obey that increase in size on the list of torrents, and, well, I think it should do it.

here's a screenshot of my computer without activating the text size increase:


and here's another screenshot after using accwiz.exe where you can see that utorrent didn't increase the size while windows explorer did.


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yes, it increased the text in the toolbar but not in the filelist, and I think it should be increased aswell. I am using WinXP.

I find very strange the answer from the Administrator. Microsoft designed the Accessibility Wizard for those who need that text size increase, having uTorrent not following those settings and feeling alright is very strange to me, to say the least.

I just checked some programs on the current computer that do list files aswell and most follow Microsoft Accessibility settings, I can do a screenshot if you want:





Just for the record, I found two programs that don't increase filelist text size: eMule and TeraCopy.

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I tried some years ago to increase the DPI and the whole windows looks horrible, specially the icons (iirc). And increasing the font size is what I think the Accessibility Wizard does, but it does it in a way that everything increases and fits together. It increases the icon text size, the toolbar text size, the start menu text size. It just retouches everything for those users that have accessibility problems. Although I don't know exactly how it works, but it's the best I found for better reading the screen.

I do understand that supporting the accessibility settings is not just checking a checkmark, but please try your best to support the features Microsoft Windows gives us for those users with accessibility needs.

Apart from this, I don't know how ugly looks utorrent supporting that setting, but there's something worse and that is to squint to read the filelist.

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jewelisheaven, increasing the size on the Appearance tab-> font size did not increase the text in utorrent, at least when I tried. Here's the screenshot with that drop menu set to "Large Fonts". I want to repeat that although that this is another way to increase the font size, I am interested in the Accessibility Wizard.


Thanks Ryan for posting, I am wishing that you can make the Accessibility settings work on XP aswell. Thanks.

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