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My Speeds Are A joke


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Hi. I have recently switched to utorrent as it has been recommended to me and i wanted a new client that could queue downloads (formly used bitcomet). I only download healthy torrents (ie 1000+ seeds) and have a 1 meg connection so usually get a max 120kb/sec download on these healthy torrents, however with utorrent i seem to be stuck at a download speed of around 20kb/secs if im lucky it sometimes spurts to 40. I have read numerous posts and tried numerous settings but non seem to work. I have no firewall enabled and i do not use a router. Can anyone help :( sorry for hasselling you all. Please can anyone help

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i have tried various different upload slot amounts but non seem to work.

You said none seem to work.

Do you mean it's not uploading at all!?!

If not the case, how fast is it uploading on average in total and how fast PER PEER?

(You'll need to watch it for a few minutes on a decent torrent with >20 peers/seeds to tell.)

One size doesn't fit all, if we don't know what your upload is doing as well as your download then we can't even guess what might be good values to use for you. :(

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Those jumps from 1-30 KB/sec for upload and 1-50 KB/sec for download says only 1 of 2 things.


1.You're trying to upload faster than your connection can sustain, lower µTorrent's upload speed max.


2.You're seeing your ISP throttle BitTorrent packets realtime from second-to-second.

...or both!

Try lowering upload speed in µTorrent, start at 30 KB/sec max and lower it by 1 KB/sec at a time and let it run a couple minutes. You may also need to lower upload slots per torrent to try to maintain at least 3 KB/sec per upload slot, so others will see your connection as a 'fast peer' and upload (alot) to you.

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