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uTorrent not downloading - need help troubleshooting

Troy Grose

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Ok, so I think I have tried everything possible, but I still can't get downloads to start in utorrent.

Version: 1.8 Beta (build 10364)

My setup: I am running a Dell M90 laptop, and am connected to the internet through a D-Link unmanaged gigabit-switch (DGS-1024D), then we are connected to a D-Link Router EBR-2310, which then connects to some sort of modem or router which we connect to the internet via wireless highspeed. I have used u-torrent before on the wireless setup, so I know that it works.

I am using Kaspersky Workstation 6.0

I have no issues with running Limewire and using p2p, it just seems to be with bitorrents.

What I have done or checked:

- I have gone through the setup guide http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

- I have port forwarded the D-Link EBR-2310 router to 6881, and set utorrent to use the same port.

- I have used this setup from here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=7862 to setup Kaspersky

-I have disabled Anti-Hacker in Kaspersky

-Using the speed Guide I have verified that port 6881 is port forwarded correctly. ie I get a green message.

- I have ran this test http://broadband.mpi-sws.mpg.de/transparency/bttest.php? to see if my ISP was blocking Bittorents, and this test said that it was not blocking the common ports or some random other ports either. Specifically it was not blocking port 6881 which is why I am using it.

- I have tried downloading from multiple sources, but nothing works.

Here is a screenshot:


What am I missing, and thanks in advanced for any and all feedback.

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I was just in contact with our ISP, and yes they were blocking bittorrents. It looks like they made a company wide change where everyone was blocked by default, and only those that were on the higher package (like we are) are able to call in and get it activated.

the guy sounded like he didn't want to open up that traffic, but I told him if we are going to be paying for a higher package, that we better get all that we pay for.

I thought this program was effective at determining whether or not your isp blocks bittorrent. http://broadband.mpi-sws.mpg.de/transparency/bttest.php?


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Firon said: "That's only effective at telling you if your ISP uses forged RST packets to block BT."

Or using forged RST packets to disrupt BT traffic. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing, forged RST packets can be used only when someone makes more than 1000 connections at once to force connections back under 1000...or it can be used to prevent even 1 connection lasting more than a second or 2. Preventing excessive connections does fall under reasonable network management, although the definition of "excess" connections can be rather vague...especially with even some websites making 10-20 connections at once when you visit them.

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Ok so it appears that my ISP still hasn't unblocked bittorent traffic. I have however found a workaround to getting utorrent to work, but I am really unsure of this method, and its impact.

I am using utorrent with Tor (http://www.torproject.org/). It works great and I can get speeds up to 150-180 kb/s. I am just curious if this is a good practice or not?

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