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uT 1.8: Firefox can't show webpages


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I upgraded from 1.7.6 or so and choose to try the 1.8.0 (Build 10416) Beta instead. And I'm happy with it.

But I have a feeling it is teasing my Firefox, as when uTorrent is running (even on only 45% of my upload and no download) and I open up, say, 5 webpages, 3 of them "sometimes" turn up as "(Untitled)" as when you open up Javascripts in a new window.

I couldn't find anything about it in the forum and I haven't found a situation where it happens 100% of the time, so this is more meant as a note. At times it works fine and when closing uT it works too, so I am not in trouble. And I can always use 1.7.7.

Just spreading my experiences :)

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So you're getting timeout problems? Yeah usually that's a problem with either the connection or your software. If you've got no problems like that with 1.7.x then it sounds like your security software/firewall/something may be configured for 1.7 but not 1.8

You can always check the setup rules you made for uT and update or add a new one for the beta :D

Thanks for the input, though some more information wouldn't hurt, like the afforementioned installed security software for others who will (eventually) find this thread because you put it up here :P

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Thanks :)

I definately know my halfopen conn aren't near 8, more like 100 or 150. I thought that was a good thing, when my computer can run it (normally it can, just not since 1.8 and only some of the time). Doesn't 8 mean very few can be connected to me? :)

NAT-PMP? Noticed that, a new setting right? Will try to play with the setting and see :)


Hehe, I can understand Jewel :) I have no software firewall and my router is not blocking any programs. I find it weird that it was only once in a while.

I use Firefox as stated and the mod Morning Coffee. When I hit that button it opens my favourite surfing sites. 6-8 or them. The first two loaded, the rest didn't. Later on the first three loaded.

Sometimes I was on a site and hit a link there, nothing would happen. Not even try to load it.

Did that help any? :)

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If you get the green light in uTorrent, then you get far more incoming connections TO uTorrent than outgoing connections made BY uTorrent. The half open limit in uTorrent only affects how many outgoing connections uTorrent tries to make at once. But if 100's of seeds and peers are trying to connect to you, they don't count against the limit...and once that happens you could even reduce uTorrent's half open limit to ZERO and still fill up with connected peers/seeds.

Setting half open too high can result in web slowdowns, lockups, bluescreens, complete computer freezes...etc. And "too high" really is anything beyond the default of 8, considering all the networking hardware and software that can't handle that. :(

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