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Too Fast? Please read.


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I'm trying to figure out a way to not just throttle/slow utorrent (that's easy), but also make it's data less saturated in the upload stream. Have the program send data at slower 'pulses', if that makes sense.

What seems to be happening in our house (3+ computers sharing 1 internet connection) is when someone is running a torrent, even capped at 10KB, it gives the rest of us gamers quite a bit of lag.

Could it be bandwidth throttling? I tried the test mentioned in the FAQ and it was a half and half outcome. My theory is that the data that uTorrent is trying to push is somehow higher priority or just so forced that it dosn't allow for any of the other computers to upload anything till the block is pushed through.

I'll try to use ascii to explain what I think is happening (sorry if it looks retarded):

Key: 1 = 1st computer, 2 = 2nd computer, 3 = 3rd computer

Currently vs. What I want

11111123 vs. 11231123

Basically smaller, spaced out packets to allow for other computers to get out some packets too.

I hope this makes sense to someone, haha. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

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I've already been through that.

I'm not trying to get it working, it works fine.

I'm not trying to get it faster, it's fast enough.

I don't just want to slow it down, I want to break up or make the packets it sends smaller. I saw nothing in the link above talking about how to make that happen.

I'm sorry if I some how missed that specific information. If I missed it, please link me, but I'm pretty sure that everyone gets that link.

Thanks for the effort though. Any more ideas?

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I've heard D-Link routers bog down when they have 100+ connections at once or lots of UDP traffic. (Belkins are worse in this regard)

So even if upload and download speeds are capped really low, if you have 100+ connections at once it'll still cause online games lag.

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Stickies are your friend. You didn't read the sticky which suggests exactly what Switeck pointed out.

Also searching for any of your keywords like packets, filtering, QoS, priority .... the way you describe it the problem is your hardware being a bottleneck. Therefore why isn't "fix your hardware" sufficient to get you to look at the options I mentioned.

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