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My speed.


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Hello, I have recently formatted my computer and gotten a new firewall (ESET Smart Security)

But I'm experiencing pretty low download speed, and my internet is very slow when I download, can take up to 10 seconds to load google!

I have no idea what the problem is, I have manually allowed incoming and outgoing traffic for uTorrent in ESET Smartsecurity and Windows Firewall, but I can't seem to get over 30-40 kb/s, and it seems to be connecting to peers very slow, atm I've been downloading for an hour, the torrent has 2438 Peers but only connected to 50, 378 seeds but only connected to 40, downloading in 40 kb/s.. I used to download much faster, before I formatted. Anyone know how I can easily fix this?

Oh and now there's a yellow indicator telling me there's no incoming connections..

I've had Red indicator twice now, and yellow three times, now it's green again.. Everytime it's yellow I have to remove the rules in ESET Smart Security for Utorrent, and then allow them again, then it turns green.

It might also be my settings, as I don't really know how much of everything I should have.. I can upload a picture of them in a sec.

Here's my connection settings: http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/utorntnrntnt.JPG

And here's my bittorrent settings: http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/turntnrurntunrttr.JPG

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You need to correct uTorrent's settings to match what your connection can do.

Try the 2nd link in my signature for conservative uTorrent settings.

Using multiple software firewalls at once will likely just make things slower...not safer.

There may be a bug in ESET Smart Security concerning firewall settings, have you tried asking the makers about that problem?

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Seems like it has got a bit better now, 150 kb/s, but that's still pretty slow considering how many seeders and peers there are.. I don't understand why it connects so slow to them, I tried disabling the ESET Smart Security firewall now and using Windows Firewall instead, no change tho.

But I still can't figure out why it's so GOD DAMN slow when I'm trying to connect to a website while downloading.. It's like it's placing all connections in a queue so I have to wait like 10 seconds everytime I do something, replying to a thread, changing website, anything.

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I have the same problem. everything was fine until i installed ESET smart security. Now if i have torrent running, my firefox is slow as hell. What did u do exactly to overcome this?

I haven't, I download a bit faster now, but my firefox still lags like hell with ESET Smart Security. If you find the solution, please post it here.

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