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uTorrent vs visual studio 2005 performance problem


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I tried to find some content about this issue, including this forum, but I got no answers to my problem. Sorry if somebody else post something like me in the past.

I'm a happy user of utorrent and I don't need to explain everybody why I'm using utorrent. I just like it very much.

I'm a coder developer using Visual Studio 2005 ASP .net 2.0 and I'm having a performance problem between then. I don't know why but when I open then at the same time my development server (webserver emulation) slows down. My pc acts like a 486 dx2 66Mhz (LOL).

I have a core 2 duo 2.0Ghz and 2 GBytes of RAM and for sure it's not the problem!

Thank you very much If somebody know how to solve this problem and know how to help me. I don't wanna stop using utorrent...

Tks again and sorry for my bad english.

Daniel (Brazil)

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Running at the same time:

RAM: 1127 MB

CPU ~ 8%

After close utorrent:

RAM: 1120 MB

CPU~ 4%

Another informations I'm seeing right now:

- When utorrent isn't downloading the problem doesn't appear;

- Even the download speed is low (like 10KB/s) the performance fall;

- Visual Studio Development Server is the unique afected by this issue;

- I was testing with IE and Firefox both with the same behavior;

Do you heard something like that before?

Tks in advance,


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Everything runs fine. I have 2GB of RAM. It´s a Dell D630 core 2 duo 2.0 Ghz.

The problem only occours when I open utorrent while I'm using the development server of VS 2005 AND the development server is the unique application affected.


When a refresh a dynamic page (aspx) it takes less than 10ms. With utorrent oppened it takes 10 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds.

I already check all this hardware stuff. My notebook is really good and everything runs fast but utorrent versus development server of VS 2005 NOT.

I'll try to find another torrent application while I don't meet the correct solution.

Tks everybody again... if somedy know what the F is happening in this case please let me know.


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