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Initial-Seeding (uTorrent) / SUPER-SEED (BitTornado)


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Hi all!

Administrators, and Developers, Please Read!

The Initial-Seeding of uTorrent since birth is not the best, this is evidenced in the performance of other programs torrent that there are good before I respectfully request that the developers of uTorrent that redoing the system Initial-Seeding, which is really bad, uTorrent in the average'm up +150% to a file> 1GB complete by the end planted, and in BitTornado, just 105% or less than that for the torrent is fully planted, this is a difference and so, like other of uTorrent, but as I am dedicated to launch seeder, abandoned the uTorrent solely because of this problem, with the remaining program is perfect, does not leave anything to be desired ...

So I hope that the developers of utorrent finally rebuild the algoritimo of Initial-Seeding, so it will be perfect ... Each byte sent is the best sown, and obviously fast, as is the BitTornado ...

Thank you

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Sorry, for my bad english, i have suggestion and Firon say "down words" i'm surprised, uTorrent leading world traffic and not accept opinion for users...

Sorry, but a waiting thepiratebay software to complete abandon utorrent to share my files...

Thanks for reply and have a good day Firon... You're The Best!

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the fact is, the bittornado is much faster than utorrent situation in the super-seed, who now works as the system of them I can not say because I am not a programmer, but for what I believe can tell noted that the distribution of pieces is much more efficient with the bittornado, I think it sends several pieces at the same time for each peer, never sending the same as it has already sent or are sending get someone, and so I think it should work!

and thanks for the response of other members of this forum, they know this fact for me and for many it is a priority because it has no explanation I use another program torrent only because of this ...

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i have always wondered if there was a problem as regards utorrent's initial-seeding/super seeding.

it always closes its connections on peers.

using 1.8.1 build 12639 now.

no problem with normal seeding though.

using bittornado for super seeding instead.

but if it's regular downloading, it's utorrent.

TY firon for the clarification!

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