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HACKED?? Utorrent sending emails?


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Why would Utorrent be trying to access a SMTP server located in South Africa to send Email? I have been unable to find any option in the program to enable or disable such a feature... Does anyone have a clue?? I've pasted the log info below.

Filename uTorrent.exe

Program Version

Program MD5 869ff9c2566ec21fd3891c3a6f36b87a

Smart Checksum 47c5469c92d210ba777e79cd7ed9e7fa

Date Modified Jul-23-2008 02:22:06 PM

Connect Type Access

Remote Port 25

Remote IP Address

Whois Information

OrgName: African Network Information Center


Address: 03B3 - 3rd Floor - Ebene Cyber Tower

Address: Cyber City

Address: Ebene

Address: Mauritius

City: Ebene


PostalCode: 0001

Country: MU

ReferralServer: whois://whois.afrinic.net

NetRange: -


NetName: NET196

NetHandle: NET-196-0-0-0-0


NetType: Allocated to AfriNIC





NameServer: SEC1.APNIC.NET

NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET


RegDate: 1993-05-01

Updated: 2006-04-27

OrgAbuseHandle: GENER11-ARIN

OrgAbuseName: Generic POC

OrgAbusePhone: +230 4666616

OrgAbuseEmail: abusepoc@afrinic.net


OK, I found another post... and I read the link to the FAQ... allright then... but I'm still not gonna let the program access any system via the SMTP port... just in case. Better to be safe than have Brighthouse lock my connection down. LOL

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If it really worries you that uTorrent is sending BitTorrent traffic on the same port as emails...probably to some poor sucker who can ONLY receive on that port...


You can block that port using uTorrent's advanced settings:

bt.no_connect_to_services = TRUE

bt.no_connect_to_services_list = whatever port numbers you want blocked, with each separated by a comma like this:


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That person might need that port :(

Anyway, I have Brighthouse, and they haven't troubled me over allowing that activity. The only problem I have had was crappy AVG anti-virus corrupting the data with its mail scanner.

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Thanks Switeck thats a great tip... I'm gonna do that... plus I blocked the port thru my firewall. I never thought about the antivirus email scanner messing things up. I feel bad for the poor soul stuck behind a firewall who has to spoof his bittorrent traffic onto an smtp port just to get thru... I am so lucky :-)

Thanks Guys!!

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