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All torrents were renamed *.torrent.loaded


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I am confused about the behavior and purpose of this appended file type, Ryan.

I have all my torrents in the default %appdata% folder - and have renamed them, manually, one by one to remove that extension, since they all got big fat red Xs next to them. Then, I stopped all of them, did a force recheck for each, and started them and they all found their appropriate tracker, and are appearing as seeds on each tracker site.

Next problem - to check that things were working correctly, I created a new one, added a tracker to the torrent, and verifed that it went into the proper folder - it is in there, but does not appear in the jobs window. Now what?

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I have all those torrents renamed and have disabled autoload. But I still have another problem, will be happy to post as new topic. As I stated in my last post, I created, uploaded and started a new torrent. It is now showing on the tracker, however it was not in the job list. So, to get things going (never had to do this in the past) I went to the tracker site, downloaded it, it shows in the job, shows all the files as red, with a download arrow.

Maybe I need to reinstall?

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I disabled autoload before I created the .torrent.

I clicked on Create New torrent, and when I got the "Add Directory" dropdown, I navigated to the folder where the files were located. Then, I added the tracker url by cutting and pasting it after making sure I had the correct one, by using another window and using the tracker's upload link to get that url, then clicked on Save As, and uTorrent used the folder name + .torrent and the dialog box closed, the progress indicator did its thing and then I closed the dialog box. Next, I went to the tracker, pointed the tracker to the torrent I had just created in %appsdata% folder, added the other requisite information, and followed the tracker's procedure.

At this point is where the wheels fall off the wagon. Returning to uTorrent, I do not see my new .torrent in the job list. This is new behavior. I returned to the tracker, downloaded it, and uTorrent advised me that the torrent I wanted to add was already in the list (not sure on the exact language) and did I want to add the tracker. I indicated Yes, closed the dialog box and at that point the torrent appeared in the job list. However starting the torrent shows all the files are red, even though I can right click on the torrent in the job list and see the files.

I am thoroughly baffled since I have just uploaded about 20 torrents in the last week using this same procedure (omitting the downloading it part) and never had it a.) fail to show in the job list b.) fail to show that I have the files. And a force-recheck, which is something I do when a release may have had some tag changes or other alterations, which usually checks the files and returns a 100% does nothing at all.

Sorry for such a long answer, Firon, but I wanted you to know what all I did. And, also to verify that the tracker in question was actually working okay, I found a torrent that used the same port number as the tracker is currently using, downloaded one torrent, and from that torrent chose only a small file (to download, skipping the rest, to see if it would download and would start to seed, which it did).

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