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School Dosnt allow Torrents


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So My college doesn't allow torrents. So to get around this, I downloaded the Vidalia Bundle, which includes the programs Tor, and Privoxy. The torrents still will not download. My question is, Is there a way to use tor/privoxy to get the torrents to work, or is there a better way to get past my schools limitations?

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Tor with Privoxy will only anonymize web connections from your browser (IE, Fx etc) but not internet connections requested by an external software (antivirus, game, bitto etc...).

So here you will just torify your web surf. Maybe that works for Opera browser that includes its own bittorrent client but I dunno in details if it's possible.

Tor uses SOCKS and is able to anonymize all the applications that support this protocol.

uT has a feature to use a proxy (>Settings>Connexion) but I think the result is a low transfer... :/

More info:



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Changing school ! :D

I think your school detects bittorrent applications when they see a constant flow from your IP or type on packets.

So try to encrypt, maybe you will bypass the system...

Another solution is to pay a server (with your friends e.g) and install a p2p client, then dwl contents from server to your PC with FTP client.

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