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uTorrent 1.8 and Zole Alarm firewall incompatibility


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few days ago I was proposed by uTorrent to upgrade to the latest version, and I did.

Since then, I noticed my pc from time to time seems to loose its connection.. after a deeper problem determination, I found out that Zone Alarm Pro firewall was blocking all my connectivity.

The connectivity could be restored in two ways:

1) lowering the security internet from high to medium

2) closing uTorrent

This problem does not manifest itself immediately, but only after some hour uTorrent is running.

The OS is a Windows XP Pro SP2, with Symantec Corporate AV9 and Zone Alarm Pro, the latest version (updated after the Microsoft patch who blocked the connectivity)

Should I have to change firewall or do you have an update in your plans to solve this issue?

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I am experiencing a very similar crash. Its not all the time and only after a while.

My setup is very similar to mig and I have Zone Alarm Pro too.

It is a pain when the previous uTorrent version ran flawlessly and 1.8 (build 11813) seems to crash. If it is the firewalls causing it, due to some interaction, what is it?

Also on another post you recommended they uninstall their Norton firewall. While you may not rate certain software firewalls its not a great plan to tell people to reduce their protection levels. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=357466

Could you try replicate the issue and help us find a middle ground?


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Firewall is a must, even behind a router.. after CodeRed anyone should know.

Ok, I changed to Comodo firewall, is too early to give am impression on it.. but I can confirm that version 1.8 needs some investigation, as everything is slower than before.. so I went back to 1.7x (don't remember now the exact version)

tnx to all for suggestions :-)

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