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Very bad speeds (Ports opend, unblockd firewall)


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Hey guys, Just recently my uTorrent has turned to custard...

Im from NZ and recently switched ISP, since switching my uTorrent download rates have gone from 500 kb/s to 2.0 kb/s.

Ive opend all the ports, been thru YouTube getting suggestions, ive kept the exact came settings from my old ISP to this one.

The box is the orange/yellow ! and today went green for about an hour, just to go back to the !

Any ideas?


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Your upload max is probably very low, even less than the 20 KiloBYTES/second download speed max you're getting now. Even downloading at 10 KiloBYTES/second isn't intolerable so long as the files you're getting are under 500 MB...you just have to be very patient.

Your ISP is probably throttling/disrupting BitTorrent traffic.

To try to reduce the losses...

Disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window).

If you get the green light in uTorrent, reducing half open connection limit to 1-4 might help slightly too.

At the worst, you need to set encryption to FORCED outgoing and disallow incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections. If that doesn't seem to help speeds, allow incoming legacy connections.

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The new Utorrent requires users to make Upload speed high so you can have high download speed. Example: As i tried earlier (once downloaded New verson) made my upload for Example 6 or 9 which is maximum and in return i got back my maximum download speed 55 kb/s or even 60 kb/s if am lucky. In the Contrary if you make your upload speed unreasonable as 1 or 2 kb/s your download speed will become 14kb/s or even less.

The older version of Utorrent did not require a person to make upload speed high or near maximum to get maximum download speed.

This is based upon my observation using the New Utorrent Version. (8.1)

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You're incorrect. Previously people were able to be leechers by only uploading @ 1 for each torrent they download. This was changed in the development version (Oct. '07 --last year) and lasted until 1.8.1 beta after leechers complained for a week. The multiplier is 12x the upload limit for 1-3 KiBps upload settings.

Why did you post in this thread?

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