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Maximum number of active torrents bug


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Something I have noticed:

If I have e.g. 5 torrents with status as queued and the max number of active d/l set to 2 (just example) and increase the max active to 3 then the next one in the queue will start d/l. But then if I set the max active d/l back to 2, the last one that started will still continue d/l , so then I actually have more active d/l than I set in the max.

Shouldn't it stop downloading and the status go back to queued? (automatically)

(if I manually stop and then restart it, the status goes to queued)

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I'll test it again.

From FAQ:

"Why does pause mode keep downloading or uploading?

It takes a short while for the download and upload to reach 0 (possibly several minutes), since µTorrent must send/receive all the queued pieces first. It does not drop the connections, so small bandwidth spikes may still be seen several minutes after because of BitTorrent protocol overhead."

Is this also the same for re-queing? If it is, then you're right and it should eventually re-queue.

Or could a very low seeding priority be influencing things?

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