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µtorrent steals all availible bandwidth


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I expierence this too. utorrent didn't always do this to my connection, but it does now. I've also seen some posts on betanews.com comments that have said similar things. I do think it is worth looking into utorrent being the problem and not the half-open connection limit. Mine is patched to 100 as well.

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I have exactly the same problem and nothing helps. With Bit Comet or any other Client I can surfe like hell but just in the moment I start µtorrent it slows my connection down to zero. I cannot recieve Mails, RSS Feeds neighter can I surf with FF or IE.

Now I've tested if I have maybe too much files in seed but even if i have no torrent in my programm loaded it slows everything down.

Any solution? Expet for this problem µtorrent is the best client ever but unacceptable with this bug (?).



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I have the same problem.

I can't figure out what to do...

I done all that is metioned in the mini-guide (patching and such...)

I have a 2/0.4Mbit connection, Zonealarm fire wall, Mozilla browser, no router...

Is it a bug in µtorrent?


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Zonealarm fire wall seems a contributor to alot of the problems people are having, with its poor handling of high packets per second rate that's typical of µTorrent running at full speed.

There are better software firewalls...though I don't use one myself because I have a router.

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I've tried disabeling both zone alarm (my firewall) and kaspersky (anti virus with real time protection). It doesn't help. I have also messured the network activity with PTRG Traffic Grapher and µTorrent running alone shows between 550Kbit and 700Kbit /s.

These values shouldn't affect my browser right..? (I have 2/0.4Mbit conection).

I also closed µTorrent and downloaded PTRG just to see what the graph showed and I read a steady 2430Kbits/s!


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I managed to fix the problem! :)

Allthought It's pretty stranges since I tried to uninstall Zone Alarm..? :/

I entered ZA's Program Control and clicked the Programs tab and changed the settings for mozilla Firefox to;

Trustlevel - Super (three green bars)

Access - Trusted & Internet - Allow (green ticks)

Server - Trusted & Internet - Block (red x's)

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Sorry, Ignore previuos message... I thought those Zone Alarm settings did the trick, but sorry to say it didn't. :(

I'm now starting too wonder whether this issue perhaps has something to do with windows pagefile and HD speed. Heres how I'm thinking:

I have a Laptop with only one HD (it's partioned if it matters), most defenetly running at 5400rpm.

I assume µTorrent is caching data in memory before writing it on disk.

Here comes my thesis, Windows, µT program, the stuff being cached by µtorrent, (and probably alot more apps aswell), all using the pagefile frequently. This, plus the actual writing to HD by µT, is handled on a single 5400rpm HD.

Am I close to something?

If all the above is true, a sollution would be to have µtorrent not using pagefile and an option to control the amount of data µT is caching in memory before writing to disk.

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Sorry 'bout that!

One should think before seaking ang read before thinking!

I'm truly about to give up on the issue... :(

I tied tweeking a bit with the diskio. options without luck.

A wiered thing is that when I've only got about 35kB down and 30kB up it's really slow. But when downloading Open Office I have about 230kB down and 0.2kB up, it's all smooth!

This is getting me to think that ISP is not delivering the maximum upload rate I pay for (0.4Mbit) and tha the problem is in upload rather then in download.

I have done all steps mentioned in the mini-guide incl. patching TCP/IP.

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