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Upload limiting doesn't work properly


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I have one seeding task and one downloading task, and for the downloading task, I set the the upload limit and download limit to 3KB/s and 75KB/s respectively.

When I set the global upload limit to, say, 45KB/s, the upload speed for the seeding task is lowered to 35KB/s or usally even lower.

Once I set it to unlimited, the upload speed increases rapidly to above 45KB/s.

I have only encountered such an issue in using the 1.8.1 version.

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If you have different upload speed maximums set in Scheduler, general upload, alternate upload, and on individual torrent upload...only the highest priority one will be used even if the others are much lower values.

I've also seen upload not reaching maximum due to using too few upload slots and due to HOSTILE ISPs. (I'm on ComCast, so on torrents with lots of other HOSTILE ISPs...it's hard to max my upload.)

Encryption settings may help.

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FORCED started torrents may override scheduler upload max.

Individual torrent's upload speeds may override overall max upload speed.

Local peers WILL ignore upload speed max unless told otherwise.

If upload slots are set to 1, current upload speed will likely fail to reach upload speed max at least part of the time.

None of those are bugs, but may be unwanted/unexpected behavior. :(

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I've found similar problem:

I need to reduce my upload to 60kb/s in my network during day.

But the problem is that when I will reduce upload speed in the schedule every time I start downloading new torrents my upload speed start rising.

Are you sure that schdule limit reduce outside trafic during download?


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I'm using µtorrent 1.8.2 at the moment but I resent this version because I never had this problem with the previous versions.

It turned out that all the individual upload limits for each newly added torrent are set to "unlimited" as a default. But even now that I limited them all manually to 40 kB/s my overall upload limit is sometimes ignored. Before I limited them all individually my upload limit was constantly ignored after some minutes. This is really annoying because it slows down my browser and even when I watch a movie (when I don't surf) and µtorrent is running in the background my downloads are also slowed down when my upload limit is ignored. Ignored means it will set itself to unlimited and rises up to 55 or > 60 kB/s which is too much for my connection.

Please, consider this for the next version. I don't know why this happens with 1.8.2 but I might switch back to an older version because this bug is intolerable. :(

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