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When i download one torrent first i download few files from that torrent like this way

From bottom of the screen Select the tab called "files"

Select files that i do not want to download. When the files are selected right-click and select don't download.

But problem is later if i wants to download all files after good ratio gained i need to remove torrent from u torrent and add it again .So if thr is anyway not need to remove torrent from clients and start downloading all files when i wants Just like Don't download option

Any help would be highly appreciated

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I think u misunderstood or my explanations was poor .but anyway i wants download all files without removing torrents and add it again.I wants if i can select all file from Files tab and start downloading so i dont need to remove it from client....

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Ok, I see your question. Go to Files tab and, click on one of files and do ctrl+A. That selects all the files (ignored/dwled), then right click and choose dwl.

You DONT need to remove the torrent job and reload it again.

This procedure can be done when you load the torrent the 1st time, in Dialog box, you have the choice to ignore or not some files.

Anyway when the torrent job is running, do the same in Files tab.

So your solution is CTRL+A - right click. :)

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