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where has my data gone?


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here's the thing:

i used utorrent and got 1.3G of movie material in 2 files, and in my 'my downloads' folder in my computer the files exist, and even show their size using the details tab but when you ask for their properties using the file tab it says '0 bytes'.

so while i downloaded 1.3G, the files have zero content in them.

am i making sense?

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i have the 2 documents i downloaded in my computer with the names and format all correct... even the folder that has these documents show- when using the 'details' view to see name, size, type, date modified etc.- that these documents are 600 and 700MB.

the mystery is that when i move my pointer over the folder that has these 2 files, it says that the folder is empty. so where have the 1.3G gone?

when i looked at the files with winrar it described them as a system folder. does that make sense?

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