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Really slow speeds


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I just cant get my dl speeds much higher than 4.0 kB/s and its killin me!

Upload speeds arent much better either.

I allways get the Network OK message.

Im using a cable connection , and as for my total download speeds , I went to one of the sites recomended and it said 164 kbps.

I use a Windows XP , and am not using any firewalls at the moment.

Im just not really sure if Im portforwarded correctly , cus when I do the test it says my browser is setup through a proxy , which , I dunno , I think is my ISP.Doesnt the Network OK message mean im forwarded right?

I did the OpenOffice test thing to see if its my ISP's fault as recomended,and I got much better speeds that I ever get,like it would be around 30-40 kB/s.Dunno if thats good or not.

BTW I followed some of the tips on the mini-guide(the ones that dont involve me thinkering around and most likely blowing up the insides of my PC),didnt seem to change much though.

Well,Id be really gratefull for any help,cus at this rate its gonna be a while b4 my dl finishes.

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What did the speed test report as your upload speed? Whatever that is, set your maximum upload to 75-80% of that in utorrent.

Also, how many seeds/peers are on the torrents you're trying to download? The fact that you got high speeds on a heavily populated torrent suggests that you're getting low speeds on the others because of not having many seeds/peers.

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I did the test again , and then calculated the value of 80% of it,and all I got was a measley 2.8 kB/s.:(

So ill set the max upld rate to 2(or maybe 3 is ok?).

About the seeds,right now its 7(7) allthough the norm is,id say, 3.Alot more peers though (14(39) right now).Is that alot, averagely speaking?

Hope this helps.

Tnx for your help torrentcrazy.

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@Marckuz: You mean 164KB/s, not 164kbps -- I'm confident you mean that because you said you were able to attain speeds of 30-40KB/s, which wouldn't be possible unless the former speed was your rated speed. Now that that's clarified, I'm not sure why 80% of your upload would be less than 5KB/s if your download is rated 164KB/s by the speed service thing... sounds like you're trying to leech and minimize your upload speeds... If that's the case, you will get bad speeds until you stop limiting your upload so severely because of the anti-leech feature in µTorrent (as Nefarious pointed out above). If it isn't the case, I'm sorry for wrongly accusing you... but I find it highly unlikely that one's net connection would be so asynchronous (something like 164*8+overhead ~= 1500kbps download, and 2*1.25*8 = 20kbps upload?)...

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It seems that I'm suffering from the same extremely slow speeds.

My internet connection tests at 388kbps down, and 400kbps up, which may seem odd, but that's the way that it works.

I have forwarded port 16681, and get a "Network OK" message.

My download rate is unlimited, and I have upload capped at 35 kbps.

Maximum number of connections per task is set at 25, all tasks is set at 50, number of upload slots is at 4.

Also, have already patched XP to allow 50 connections. Other p2p programs (Ares) works great, but has nothing but crap on it's network.

My download rates are horrible, they never go above 2KBps. This is probably due to my horrible share ratio (.181 on this task), but I can't improve that because I can't upload. It's odd, the upload speed will go up to 4KBps for about half of a second, and then slowly decrease back down to zero. My download hovers around 1.5KBps.

The torrent I'm testing has around 100 peers and 800 seeds, so I don't think that's the problem.

I'm stumped. Throttling maybe? I have a local ISP, so I doubt it. BitTorrent used to work a couple of months ago, with BitComet, but now that doesn't even work. peer.lazy_bitfield is set to true, but that seems to do nothing. net.low_cpu is set to false. And, net.max_halfopen is set at 40 (no clue what this does).

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wow, this is so low, set per-task to at least 60 and global to 200, did u use the speedguide? it helps a lot (options>speedguide or ctrl+g)

Did this, now I'm connected to 36 seeds and 20 peers, but I'm still only actually downloading from 3 of them, and it's only around .3KBps per user.

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Well, now it got connected to one person that it seems to be able to maintain the connection with. I had 34.9 KBps upload, and 29 KBps download. But, this one person is the only person that I have been able to get these speeds with. This is exactly what happened with the other torrent that I downloaded with uTorrent.

Perhaps my share ratio was just to low, and I got stuck for a little bit.

But, to answer your question, it does seem to do this with every torrent.

Open Office suffers from the same crappy download rates as everything else.

EDIT:And, now 20 minutes later, this person is offline, so I'm back to my 1.5 KBps download...

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if u set your upload speed to 2, you can xpect to get only 6kB/s max for download, somethen else is killing ur upload speed if it says 2.8kB/s is your max...

are you sure nothing else is running on your pc? mostly kazaa, emule, dc++, something?

I do use dc++ actually.But i allways keep it off when I use uTorrent.Should I uninstall it for the time being?

@Switeck: I wondered about that my self,but then I spoke with many of my friends here with the same ISP as me and they all say that they get great speeds.

@Nefarious: Leeching is downloading without having anything to upload right? Well I guess Im tecnically doing that but thats just cus I have only just started downloading torrents,so this is the only one I have(which is in the process of downloading).

As for capping my speeds, I only just did that now , after following the sugestions on the mini-guide and here.I dont really know why Im getting such bad upload speeds.

Oh and after following these mentioned sugestions,nothing changed,unfortunately.

Tnx everyone for the help.

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Holy a55 muffins!!!Wont somebody help me?!I left the download on all night and all I got was +2percent!!Im lost here I just dunno what to do...

Something happened this morning though,for about half an hour I got 7kB/s dl speed,which,allthough from what I hear isnt all that good,but its preety good for me.But then I accidentaly shut off my modem for a sec,and when I started over,I got my regular nasty speeds.


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I get this.

I can happily get 100 k/s on slsk/kazaa etc. and queue multiple downloads

I switched to torrents from emule cos I was only gettin 10k/s.

So far after a weekend of port forwarding(ok),xp firewall tweaking(done),sygate adjustments(done) and playing with the mutorrent settings all my d/ls come in at 2k/s and regularly stall on 0 for up to an hour.

This is with 10-20 seeds/peers connected.

its a 2mb connection, I know other people on this isp and its no bother.

I tried bittorrent as well and I get the same problem.

Im stumped as well.

Could it be because:

I need to tweak mutorrent settings?(too many seeds/peers, too low upload rate?)

I havent got any torrent to upload(does this mean I leave completed filed in my mutorrent folder?ive noticed that competed files still upload)

Thx in advance for any help.

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marckuz I get the same spikes as well, it comes in at 10-20 but only for a few seconds then settles back to 0.

restarting initially gives reasonable speeds but then they collapse again :(

As a test I treid a torrent file that claimed to have thousands of sources and it was still 1k/s tops so number of sources doesnt seem to be the problem

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Marckuz, did you shut down utorrent while doing the speed test? I really don't know what to suggest if you're getting such a low upload speed result. Are you sure it wasn't reported in KBs and not kbs? You could call your ISP and ask them what speed (down & up) you're paying for. If you're supposed to get a lot higher than what the speed test is reporting, you should troubleshoot with a tech from your ISP. If you're getting the upload speeds that you payed for, well you might wanna upgrade your service or change your ISP.

You said that you use other p2p software, what upload/download speeds did you get with those? 7 seeds with even more peers isn't really that populated. Try a torrent with more seeds and see what results you get.

That's all I can think to suggest. Maybe somebody here knows something else to suggest. Good luck.

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About the kBs and kbs thing,I did the test again to make sure ,and this is how they showed it:

Your download speed : 153 kbps or 19.1 KB/sec.(I got less this time this time,wats up with that?)

Your upload speed : 35 kbps or 4.4 KB/sec.

I havent checked with my ISP services yet about the speeds I should be getting ,but Im on a 100mbit connection.Dunno if that helps.

About the other p2p software I use,on DC++,which I still use,I get speeds ranging from 4 to 40 kBs depending on the user I dlnd from,though I only download from local hubs,with users from my ISP.

Back when I was using Shareaza,it all depended on the number of seeds(if u can still call em that).I could reach preety good speeds when there were many seeds.

I tried downloading a diferent torrent with more seeds as u sugested(around 200),but that just didnt make any diference...speeds were the same.

BTW,back when I was using Shareaza,I noticed that on somedays it would only work at all(search,start downloads,etc) starting from a certain hour in the late evening.

Could that be related to my ISP?

Utorrent doesnt work all that better at night though.

Oh and I tried another bittorrent client just to check.No improvements...

Also,Im using port 32459.Is there anything wrong with that?

Tnx everyone for ur help,

(another day,another +2%!)

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4.4 KB/s isn't a good upload speed at all. You should definitely check with your ISP to see what you're supposed to be getting. With 4.4 KB/s * 70% gives you 3.0 KB/s, thats what you should set your upload limit to in utorrent. The download cap will be in effect and I think its 3x your upload limit when your upload limit is 1-5KB/s. It may be 6x your upload limit in the new beta, I don't know, check it out.

Those speed test give different results every time. The lower download speed may have been just a fluke, but keep testing it periodically to see. You should definitely make a call to your ISP to find out what you're working with and see if your line is all clear.

Anyway, post back with what you find out from your ISP.

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thanks Nefarious i put global to 200 and my speeds went up.

right now downloading 6 files 18 gb total

total speed average 190 to 282 download(not each file)

the 8 gb file is at 36kb download 5 kb upload which is at 3(32)seed 59(364)

i dont feel like going through all of them but is this good or could i do better on speeds?

what do you guys put for preferences? (only the ones with good speeds)

i change my preferences all the time but now i just want to leave alone now.

i have comcast 6 mg $45 it's better then verizon

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Marckuz another important fact except from settings is not to have another p2p application running and also what is more important is SHARING... if your Total share ratio is lower than 1 then utorrent automatically slow down your speed... (This is counter feature for leaching).

In Azureus leachers cant get more average download speed than 7 Kb/sec.

To check your history transfer go to Help--> Show statistics... (also check for spyware or something and make sure the lowest amount of applications are running during tests) I cant think of anything else

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In the help== show statistics..

i have

total upload 67 gb

total download 174

total running time 820 29 48

files added 216

program started 6

incoming conn since start 163542

outgoing con since start 5212

size disk 1

num of conn 198

half open 5

is that good or what?

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