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disk overloaded. help ?


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I have a question about that.

I get disk overloaded sometimes, but only when starting a download of a big file (and I also have very little space left). The speed is still minimal, but it will say disk overloaded by a certain % and then all the DLs and ULs will go to 0. And the disk usage will go crazy for a minute or so. Then it will all continue normally, the overload message will disappear.

AFAIK, disk overload never happened in the middle of a download, even tho I had speeds of 2-3MBs and my hard disk is a slow 4200rpm of a laptop.

My question is: Would that setting (raising the value) still be useful for me or is such overloading at the beginning of a download normal or even inevitable?


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well with the combination of read and write cache set to a higher value I managed stop the disk overload problem appearing for a few extra minutes before it appeared.

But I think I have solved the problem (I always knew it was because of a slow laptop with a USB 1.1 ext HDD):

After I changed my laptop from a PII 233 to a CEL 500 the problem has gone away even with the same 120GB USB 1.1 ext HDD


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Hey all, and thanks for the wonderful suggestions already. I have changed "diskio.write_queue_size" to 10,000. ( was at -1, then i switched it to 2500, then 4000, and then realized you had said to change it to 2 x (times) or 4 x (times) your max d/l speed. So ive done that. What i do notice is that whenver i load a new torrent to begin download, (while there is already one running), i get this error disk overloaded. It stalls the other torrents, and begins to lag my system. Any thing else that could possibly be done to help with this problem? Thanks in advance, ill check back regullarly.

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There really must be something REAL wrong with this Disk Overload stuff.

Not now, until I set it at 1572864 (1536*1024), the Disk Overload problem disappeared.

I've tried everything in 1024 multiples up to that, and it always appeared suddenly anyway.

I have ADSL2+ with 24MBit down and 1MBit up. When I pick up at certain sites, i get a downspeed of around 2.3MB - 2.4MB, and at the same time I can have 2-3 other Torrents running at a downspeed of around 200-400 kB/s.

It simply MUST be something wrong with some algorithm in uTorrent, or ?!


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I'm getting the same thing and won't be able to try changing the diskio.write_queue_size until tonight. Before I get a chance to do that, I was wondering if running Avasti antivirus with Utorrent is a problem. I haven't had a problem with Utorrent for a month and a half, until last night. Mine says disk overload 6%. I will change the disk setting and try and get back to post the results.

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Same problems here, especially on slower computers (< 1 Ghz), I always get disk overloaded, even though speeds may be slow (100KB/s down, 40KB/s up). On a PIII 550, it even goes to overloaded 100% quite often, at which up and downspeeds fall to 0. DMA is turned on and the harddisk is easily fast enough to cope with such slow up and downspeeds. Solved it by setting write_cache to 4096.

Still, why does µTorrent exhibit this behaviour on slow cpu's? I can imagine virusscanners are to blame. With AVG, I used to exclude temporary files and folders of p2p apps from scanning, but I lost this option in 7.1 (free version at least).

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No, you have an extremely massive download capacity which EASILY saturates any hard disk's capability. ;) But I guess µTorrent could be tweaked a bit better for huge down/up-loaders... :/

You are wrong. There sure is something wrong with the µTorrent's diskio system. How can 100kBs download speeds cause a disk overload, when the disks are capable writing @20MB/s? Only when the writes are out of the ordinary.

Example: when I'm down/uploading at 1MBs/1MBs and have the read cache set to 60megs I don't have a high hisk usage, % usage is ~6%. UNTIL µTorrent starts reading or/and writing to the disk. Then the disko overloaded errors start popping up, the system slows down to a P133-like speed and so on.

In my over two years expirience with BitTorrent network µTorrent is the first client which has such problems. No other client I tryed (bitcomet, azureus, abc, bittornado, classic bittorrent) had such problems with 1MBs/1MBs speeds. Well the old BitTorrent had problems with such speeds, but the current versions sure don't.

There is more than just the "disk overload": when using disk cache on µTorrent the system slows down. For example, when I watch a series and want to get back to the desktop from mplayer classic's full-screen I normally gt ther just after doubleclicking the screen, but with µTorrent it's cache I need like 5 seconds or so! Simple browsing trought my disks with Windows Explorer is a pain in the a**, not to mention starting a bigger problem and trying to use it normally!

WHats the problem? I would point to the disk input/output mechanism. Why? Practically NO disk usage. 5-10% CPU usage. 250+MBs of free ram. UNTIL I try to access something on my HD. It would look like the pipe is choked or something...

Like Frion recomended, I tryed plaing with cache size. Tryed 35MBs - a upload to one user @ 500kBs is OK. Bus as soon as there are two leechers, the system slows down. OK, Tryed 64, 80, 100 MBs - the same. It's impossible to do anything when the PC is so slow... I've turned the read cache off now and ain't having any sign of slowdown. But when I'll start seeding a popular file again, the frequent reads won't go easy on my HD :)

Don't know what to try... But I STRONGLY recomend looking into the diskio code again.

PS> lot's of my tracer's users are expiriencing the same - slowdowns with the read cache, noisy & heavily loaded HD without it.

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Read it again:
... But I guess µTorrent could be tweaked a bit better for huge down/up-loaders... :/

I didn't say anywhere that µTorrent's cache-system was perfect, or that the I/O code didn't need tweaking. :/

"For huge down/up-loaders" - and those with 100kBs down, 16kBs up who expirience these problems? I wouldn't call them huge down/upers.

But this is not the point. My post's point isn't to counter yours, the quote was just to "get started". The main piont is the problem I am expiriencing. ;)

I did read the part of your text which you have quoted for me, but the "I guess" didn't look very confident. But oh well thats not the point...

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sk-lt: I have exactly the same problem as you. My µTorrent-client doesn't take much CPU-usage nor does it take up much RAM either. I always have 600 mb ram free... but still, when I play a game and go back to desktop... I simply can't use the computer anymore. It's the same after watching a movie. The same when I open "My computer".

What is the problem? I'm only seeding at the speed of 140 kb/s. How can I fix it? Does anybody know?

Edit: My system is high-end. It's a Athlon 64 Venice @ 2800mhz and the ram is overclocked to 270mhz... 1024mb... so no problem with me having sucky equipment.

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Guys, check out Build 426. ;) It appears Ludde tweaked the I/O code a bit for better performance...see if this Build helps you out. :)

--- 2006-02-18: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 426)

- Feature: Option to always prioritize the rarest pieces.

- Feature: Added active/inactive categories in category list

- Feature: DEL key works in RSS history, and the last item is selected

- Feature: RSS history remembers only 500-600 items

- Feature: XML parser supports # tags

- Change: Optimized disk-io

- Change: coalesce_writes defaults to true

- Change: &Exit to E&xit

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