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Limiting uTorrent to a Cisco VPN Connection


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Hey everybody,

I would like to limit uTorrents activity to a VPN connection established through a Cisco client. I don't want uTorrent to connect any more once the connection is broken down.

I tried to limit uTorrent to the IP i get assigned after establishing the connection, but this does not work as utorrent keeps working after deconnecting Cisco.

Could you tell me how I could achieve to limit utorrent to the VPN-Connection? This could also involve another software as a firewall etc.



Does anybody know where it does not work to limit uTorrent to a single IP? I found the option in the advanced options, but obviously it does not work..

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I installed Comodo and everything seemed fine but every time I establish a VPN connection, I get a bluescreen. Not very nice ;)

Anyway, I think that there must be another solution than installing additional Software. I'm sorry to ask this in the uTorrent Forum, but do you know of other bittorrent clients that really support the feature of limiting connections to an IP or a range of IPs?

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