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  • 2 months later...

Heres is another vote for more added commandline options (seen the load file one in the FAQ).

As said in other commandline Request threads, it would help scripters and you could control uTorrent remotely.

Personaly i wouldnt mind seeing the following added:

- Start/Pause/Stop and Deleting for a particular torrent file.

Starting and Stoping would be greatly appreciated.

- Changing and/or adding 'labels' to a torrent.

- Changing the bandwidth setting for a particular torrent.

People could make batch files (for LAN machines) or if they have a home web-server could script and control uTorrent from a far.

Just some thouhgts...


Sorry, i searched for 'commandline' and never seen the following "Remote Control" thread.


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  • 1 month later...

I would love this or something that can interface with uTorrent, things I would use are:

List torrents

Get torrent status for 1 torrent

Change values (up/down speeds) per torrent/global

Basically control torrents through CL.

What I want to do is basically incorporate it with a web-based controller (TorrentFlux).

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