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uT quits making new connections before it hits connection max


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from IRC:

[08:19] <Switeck> there's already a slightly annoying feature in uTorrent -- it quits making new connections even before it hits connection max

[08:20] <Switeck> If you set connection max rather low and you're firewalled, this can suck

This was reported a few times by me as well ... Can you please treat this as a bug and not feature, and fix it so that we can reach the defined max # of connections ? Thanks!

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there is no "TBD (to be deleted) features" section... so we have to enter it into this one ...

and I didn't see the "how-it-works" details in any of the help-file/guides... did you ? so it's an unofficial under-test-feature. The sonner they remove it - the better ... ;)

more details on how it can 'work better' - are here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=396674#p396674

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