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new to this torrent client & couldnt seem to find anything already..


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1. how (and where within utorrent) to change the time displated in the "added on'' time zone.. its not accepting my EST Zone as this site is!?

2. how to add more search engines to the internal utorrent search bar in the upper right corner of it!?

thanx a million.. message me if you see this and would rather chat then respond to a post!


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thanx for the response, i know where to add them.. just not how to find the different 'code' (if you will) to input for each of the torrent sites i use..

for example.. The Pirate Bay|http://thepiratebay.org/search.php?q= ..this it the pirate bay one, i need to figure out the others because apparently some are different and some may not work at all, depending upon the website type.. from what ive been reading

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µTorrent adds the search query to the END of the URL.

Go to the site and search for something, then look at the URL. For example, ISOhunt:


Look for the search query in the URL - in this case, "testsearch". Usually, that is all that matters, so strip everything else off the URL and test that out:


Since we can see that now works, just get rid of the search term since µTorrent appends the correct one.


Finally, add the name of the search engine behind a pipe character (|):


That should work okay.

If you don't get it, check out these threads:



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