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Please help me with my settings for max upload


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I have some problem with my upload speed. I don´t know if my settings is right in Utorrent. I have tried to find answers in UT forum, but can´t find the right answers. Maybe I have overlooked them.

I´m using Win XP + SP 3 and the patched TCPIP.sys which has a value of 100. The speedtest tells me that my upload speed is 1750 Kb/sec (= kilobit) and my download speed is 4510 Kb/sec. I have no problem to reach the download rate of 700 kB/sec (= kilobyte)

My settings in UT is:

Max download rate: 700

Max number of connections: 250

Max number of connected peers per torrent: 80

Number of upload slots per torrent: 8

Net.max halfopen: 70

bt.connect speed: 20

Please point out my wrong settings.



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