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Torrent Titles Replaced with Random Errata


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I briefly looked but didn't see a similar titled thread. I apologize if this is a repeat, but it's late and I'd like to go to bed.

I was seeding and leeching some torrents and scrolled to the right to view the download/upload speeds. When I scrolled back to the left, the torrent titles had been replaced with bandwidth speeds, percentage completions, partial title names, ETAs and Seed/Leech counts .

It appears the data it replaced the torrent title with was completely random.

I was on the same tab as you see in the screenshot below; the only action I took was using the scroll bar.

The state remained as you see in the screenshot after changing window focus to another program and also after minimizing and restoring uTorrent.

After shutting down uTorrent and restarting it, the proper titles were returned.

This is with uTorrent 1.82, Build 14458 in Windows XP SP3.


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My only potential guess is that it might be virtual listview related, but Explorer doesn't use a virtual listview, and if we were to believe the previous reports, that would likely throw the idea out.

At any rate, LVS_OWNERDATA = 0x1000 would be the relevant control style. µTorrent uses it to speed up listview population, basically by telling Windows what to populate the listview with instead of manually creating each listview item itself. I don't have any hard data, but I suspect that virtual listviews aren't as commonly used as normal listviews are.

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