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v1.9.14908. Fragmented UDP packets to/from zero port


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I got fragmented outgoing UDP packets blocked by my firewall.

Characteristix: their size 60 bytes only(!). Their port numbers in/out are zero (0). The direction is: from local address under NAT (manual port forwarding on router) to WAN address (inet).

What's happening? Why uTorrent sends these 60-byte fragmented(!) UDPs to peers? Is it possible to unfagment them in code?

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I'm sure FW is quite decent. No cause to not believe.

Why not uTorrent? zero ports in/out? and 60 byte fragmented data? Maybe some bad code in there?

Btw i have tweaked MTU. Does uTorrent check MTU size in registry to send correctly?

I think it's uTorrent bug not FW.

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