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Future Translation Process


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from the posts in the 1.1.4 thread I can see that many translators went through a lot of the iterations and translated update after update.

I think we should have a discussion on how to optimize this process.

At least I would have saved a lot of time, if I had only started translating today.

So what do you say, does it make sence to hold of the translation until the release is really there (or at least nearly)?

I don't mind the work, I just hate to waste time, as I don't have that much. But I didn't wanna seem unsupportive and not translate one of the iterations.



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This is entirely my fault. 1.1.4 spent much more time in development than I anticipated. I was only expecting to release at most 2 revisions. You're right, the translation process should have been smoother, and I will hold out until the release is actually made public. Each of the language revisions were supposed to have been a release date, but we kept adding more stuff... Next time it'll be more straightforward.

I'm also looking into ways to make updating between releases easier for translators. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

I'm sorry about all the updating I made you guys do :cry:

We really appreciate the effort you put into translating this here piece of software!

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I guess most of us know how writing software still is an iterative process most of the time ;)

But as long as we learned something from this release, it should be much better in the future.

I'm sure nobody is mad at you vurlix, after all, we get this great piece of Software for free and I'm exited to test the new functionality tonight in greater detail :twisted:

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I think the translators (we) should use a program, like diff for *ix .. or simply use a SVN/CVS for this purpose, then the translators could easily spot the changed/updated/added/removed parts of the text.

I've googled [heh nice verb :P] for a translator util, but nothing useful turned up for me :|

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