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no icon at all for connection


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i am trying to sort my brother-in-law's laptop and set up utorrent.

my pc is fine and i know how the connection icon works with red, yellow and green but his doesn't show any icon at all.

i believe that the speed settings are fine, he only has windows firewall and it is set in utorrent to make windows firewall accept it.

the port is set to upnp and randomize each time.

any suggestions welcome thanks

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no even just bringing the program up and leaving for ages nothing comes up on the bottom bar where the connection indicator should be. i tried downloading a torrent from utorrents search bar and although it finds them for you, nothing then happens when you press to download the torrent.

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cheers mate.

i followed the setup guide fine, as i say i already knew how to set it up as my pc is fine.

i thought i had found the problem as he didn't have upnp enabled in the router so i enabled it, rebooted the router, restarted the laptop and also restarted utorrent but still nothing however the download speed is quite fast with the file currently being downloaded.

i even installed Comodo firewall for him and made sure utorrent was definately aloud and disabled windows firewall but no good.

if it helps, he is running vista 32 bit

edit... any help guys??

edit....guys? not given up on me have you?

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