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[toolbar/tstatus/icon] Gnome 2


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way cool than the others....

I like this icon so much...the main icon only...hehehe..

anyways..does anyone know which program to use for creating an icon...

I have a vey beloved icon in my mind I want to share..

thanks guys..you are doing a great job... ^_^

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Here is a 128x128 png i used to make an ico-file:


Just copy/paste the pic above, rename it in "zip" instead of "png" and extract what's inside:

The icon file (sizes from 16x16 to 128x128 - 20 image formats - 197 kb)

The real png file (8,04 kb) if you wish to make your own ico-file with i.e "Axialis IconWorkshop".

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might be because .png is already compressed so when you rename the zip to a .png and upload it to imageshack it scans the file and finds the actual .png since it's basically uncompressed. really really cool trick though.. i wonder how far it can be abused..

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That doesn't seem to be the case. I just tried uploading a ZIP and ZIP/SFX PNG that was renamed to have the PNG extension, and it didn't work. Odd how it worked, nevertheless. Maybe he appended the icon file to the end or something, as the PNG signature is still there at the beginning of the file. Of course, I might just be sprouting crap out of my arse right now, as I'm not too familiar with the inner workings of PNG.

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You should try to open the png with a hex editor: the zip file is hidden inside the png code.

Have a look on this software (in french, sorry):


The author says another (free) software is needed to unhide invisible files: decamoufle.exe.

You can see it's not true (if an encryption key has not been used): renaming the file is enough.

By the way it could be dangerous to use "decamoufle.exe" as it allows the hidden file to run automatically: if an *.exe (i.e. a virus, trojan) file hides inside the pic, you're done.

For more explanations about how it works, you can go here, where you can find a similar software (in english):


(Sorry for my bad english).

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