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i took a EVDO wireless USB Data Card.

my problem is i can download normally >100kBps.

here is result from speedtest.net


but i have very low download speed using utorrent..

i have been through most of the topic covering EVDO issue in this forum.

i tried to turn off DHT and tried to reduce no of connections

by Firon from this topic http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=19706

can any one tell me how much should i keep in max no of connection ?

is there any more modification i can do ??

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i am geting normally very low speeds like 10-20kBps for movie torents, sometimes very rarely i get above 100kBps...

only sometime i get over 100kBps tat too if its not a movie torrent..

one more thing i like to add tat i get my ip in 10.xx.xx.xx format and its a shared ip.

i cant configure my modem. i cant use port forward as my modem is not listed..

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Essentially, you're permanently firewalled by the ISP...because you're stuck behind a 10.x.x.x LAN ip address instead of having a NOT-shared internet ip.

Your download speed should still be higher than your SUSTAINED upload speed. And if that's the case, you're "winning"...someone ELSE has to make up the difference.

2nd link in my signature...uTorrent settings are based on your max UPLOAD!

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well my speed is never constant..

sometimes i get over 1.5mbit/sec and sometimes i get over 512mbits/sec.,

which one to follow. .?

and if its due to my upload speeds..

i have seens in many places they will be downloading at high speeds whereas they will be only uploading at 1-5kBps..

well my upload speed are also same and i just want decent speeds..

i cant open ports fro incomming cinnections.. is there any way i can open them besides portfroward ??

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oh man.. i almost forgot to say thanks to Switeck.

u helped me a lot..

any other modification should i do??



anything on ADVANCE TAB ??

any particular version should i go for as after applying your setting now my downloads are limited to 20-30kBps.. in utorrent 1.8 rc7

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Disable: UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Resolve IPs

Leave others enabled...

Protocol encryption: FORCED outgoing, test awhile with and without legacy (unencrypted) incoming.

Advanced Tab:

Set bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen to only 1-4.

Make sure you're running the latest v1.8.3 of uTorrent.

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sorry to dig old topic.. but after requesting a lot to ISP, finally i was assigned to dynamic ip..

now i get my ip in 117.xxx.xxx.xxx and i see a green light in utorrent.

now my problem is i want to seed which i cant do in any torrent...

i used the PFConfig software and found out tat my tcp ports are still blocked but udp ports are open.. i tried entering from 22000 to 65000.. results are same..

can anything be done in seeding part. can i force utorrent to use udp ports instaed of retrying tcp ones ??




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