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I am thinking like the new Azureus plugin 'Advanced Statistics' that gives you information on total/session bandwidth usage. This is useful for people that have monthly quotas (poor bastards) and people like me that just like to see how many gigabytes are flowing (of course, apps like Network Activity Diagram and Networx will tally *overall* bandwidth, but its nice to be able to seperate out just the .torrent traffic).

Amy other ideas on this?

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come on silverfire, i don't think making of another tab with some stats presented in txt will be so code-heavy thing. nobody here i suppose is thinking about something memory consuming. just plain txt with maybe export/import to/from file capabilities... i believe it is nothing very difficult to implement.

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The problem with other apps monitoring bandwidth is they are system wide...that is, not application specific. NetLimiter is meant to *shape* your bandwidth (see ALTQ), keeping statistics is a side effect of that process, and it is by *NO* means kind to your system resources. Network Activity Diagram is one of many apps that monitor everything that comes through your net.device without discrimination, very similar to NetWorx, the latter two useful for an overall picture of your net.use (the total bandwidth I have used since I got my fiber optic line installed in August is very important to me) while the former gives you granular control over said bandwidth....

Yet none of these solutions are free (well, there are *plenty* of open source tools that could do all this and more, but µTorrent is currently windows only, and getting into the use of cygwin to compile open source apps is *FAR* beyond the scope of this post, not to mention the edges of my patience ;¬)

I only mention the Azureus plugin since it was quite well set up. The info *I* personally like to know when my .torrent client is open is:

Session Download

Session Upload

Session Ratio

Overall Download

Overall Upload

Overall Ratio

Session Time Spent

Total Time Spent

These items are particularly helpful...especially the Session numbers, with which at a glance I can guage how well things are going without having to pour over 25 .torrents status. I know how much data I can move up and down per hour, and like spending as little time as possible interacting with my BT client once it's in motion...which leads me to a feature I have *not* seen in any client:

(((Download or Upload) (Total or Session)) / Time)

It would be very interesting to see exactly how many GB per hour are being moved, and would serve as a useful diagnostic tool (albeit not totally scientific) to compare say, different .torrent sources. Load one session for X hours with .torrents from site A, repeat with site B and compare...or see how useful any pref tweaks you have made may be (and I *DO* realize that comparing different torrents from different sites can never be equitable, but if the swarms are large enough you should be approaching your maximum total bandwidth) or who knows what other uses people might find?

I agree with costa that this would just be another tab reading/writing data to a flat file. This feature *is* in Azureus and is one of its most used features (an informal poll on IRC just confirmed that)...and since the UI looks just a *little* similar to Azureus (really, just a teeny-tiny bit) it wouldn't hurt to look at some of the things they have done (some quite well, some impressively catastrophic (see GJM)). Forgetting the 'Great Java Mistake', no other BT client provides anywhere near the functionality, not to mention the advantages of a plugin-based architecture. Every serious BT user I know swears by Azureus for the feature set it provides...yet knowing me, they are all giving µTorrent a chance. While not all are good/useful, I strongly believe a bandwidth tally would be a fine addition to whats shaping up to be the best BT client on the block.

Did I make much sense? It is late...

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yeah, you did make a sense :)... just exactly what i thought but because of my poor english knowledge - i just had to write it in simple way.

there are some good ideas in other bt clients - useful, handy, making the work with bt client much more interesting/fun/whatever. i thinkg makers of utorrent should think about include some of them not because they are in other clients but because they're just useful. as i wrote previously - i think some stats should not be very difficult to implement (i hope :)) and for some people those informations are just usable.

sorry for my poor english skills, i'm working on it.

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Hello, I'm the author of 'Advanced Statistics' for Azureus. I wrote this plugin because I love to see these details (how much data is downloaded daily, how much data is downloaded totaly and how much data is useful data - when we subtract protocol data, discarded data and check failed data).

One thing I don't like Azureus is of its memory usage. If I leave it running for more than a day it consumes ~150 MB of RAM. I was trying to switch to another bt clients but never liked them because of their statistics. I noticed micro torrent a while ago and was impressed, especialy now that has DHT. I looked through this forum to find out if there will ever be a plugin support and as I see there will be none soon. If this ever happens I will definitely write a statistics plugin for micro torrent.


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It would be nice if the stats data was stored in an XML file, the directory where this file lives could be set inside uTorrent so for those people who have uTorrent on thier desktops (like me) the file wont add to the clutter.

If the data was in an XML file then it would be very easy for people to make custom reports as well as any stats information displayed in uTorrent.

A few simple options could be included along side the output directory, maybe options for removing entries after a cirtain filesize or by age and maybe a few different levels of stat reporting going up in level of detail.

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Overall Download Overall Upload Overall Ratio Total Time Spent

I'm up for those three in Help > About or similar as someone suggested.

I looked through this forum to find out if there will ever be a plugin support and as I see there will be none soon.

I'm pretty sure that's none ever, unless ludde can no longer support µT and open-sources it.. but it would take a while for anyone to understand the code from what I've heard..

If the data was in an XML file then it would be very easy for people to make custom reports as well as any stats information displayed in uTorrent.

This sounds like bloat to me. Do you really need custom reports for 8 or 9 different statistics? And if you want more stats than that, I disagree, as I don't think that much info needs to be logged.

Would be ideal when you're seeing how much usage you eat up from your internet provider each month!

Doesn't your ISP provide that facility? It should be available by logging into your account and looking around at the tools provided (my ISP calls it 'Volume Usage', other ISPs may call it quota, downloads etc.). If not, a program like DUMeter is more appropriate as this records all internet traffic, which is what you want. Anything you access on the internet is a download (except certain things that might be exempted by your ISP), so DUMeter or similar is much more appropriate..

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