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seeding problem with uTorrent 1.8.3 on Ubuntu


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I have a seedbox running uTorrent 1.8.3 on Ubuntu under WINE

I have ~700 torrents ready seeding, but when I have about 12/13 active they all slow down to ~1k then stiop seeding for about 2 minutes, then all start seeding again - at reduced speeds - for a few minutes then it swings back and fore between them all seeding slowly and then nothing and so on

I thought this might be a max files open issue so have increased max open files to 12000, but it has not improved the situtation...

does anyone have ANY idea what this could be - somwetimes it will allow me to seed 15/20 torrents without it happening, and sometimes it happens on about 10/11 but there is no definate pattern - looking for some idea's to get me started

first there's loads


then there's less


then less again


until there's nothing


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thanks for the reply back - the upload speeds are 400k+ normally , but as soon as this "overload" situation occurs they bottom out to less than 1 k and fluctuate back and fore - I'm sure this never occured on my last server with uTorrent 1.7.7

can you suggest anything that may help as a start? I have changed the advanced settings and now changed them back to the defaults but nothign has heklped. upped cache to 256Mb but can#t seem to find any good settings for hosted server uTorrent that deal with more than 100 torrents - they all seem to focus on getting the best from home use

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I have re-requested confirmation from my server host as to the version - I will post back as soon as I get a reply - thanks for showing an interest in helping me solve this! driving me sorta crazy now - have limited active torrents to 73 (stopped all others) and the problem is still happening!

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I have 2 virtual servers using exactly teh same settings and one is workingh just fine - how do I find out the wine version myself - checked winehq but can't find an answer - sorry if I'm being a bit of a n00b at this but this server config has got me tearing my hair out now - feels like I've tried everything in the uTorrent settings and got nowhere and all the support can say is "you changed advaned settings" which I can't see as the issue as the other server is working fine


ok - get this - put teh server back to original setup - all defaults with the active torrents etc increased for the server capacity and it was ok for a few hours - maybe about 6hrs - with over 25 active torrents uploading at great speeds - 250k+ - but checked this morning and the same issue is happening again - all torrents running at less than 1k then all dropping out and back in at the very low speeds


I May have resolved the issue - I stopped all torrents where the client was uTorrent 1.9.0B and so far I have not seen the issue re-occur. has anyone else seen this? could be a false positive so when I've got 12 horus of steady activity I'm gonna er-enable the torrents to see if it falls over again!

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