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Belkin router problems


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I just bought a Belkin router (Belkin N F5D8236-4) and it works horribly with torrents. The download speed is about 10% of what I got with my old D-Link which broke down.

I've done successful port forwarding, I've stopped the router firewall, I changed the channel to 11.

Nothing helps. Whenever I start downloading the connection is slow, my wed-page opening speed slows down too, it's completely unusable.

I've set Global Connections to 130 and Connections per torrent to 70.

I read on the Internet that Belkin has a problem with connection overflow. Is there a workaround?



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Tried that. Same horrible behavior.

Tried the following and it worked: Smashed the device on the ground and threw it in the garbage. Called a taxi and bought a D-Link. I recommend this solution to all Belkin sufferers.

PS. DreadWingKnight, thanks for the help.

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60 connection max is about all a Belkin router can do. :(

You'll need to disable UPnP (and NAT-PMP) in the router as well. As many features in the router you can turn off/disable, the better -- as that frees up ram and cpu use for other things.

Also DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

That should eliminate UDP packets from uTorrent. You only need to port forward TCP this way. Some (Belkin?) routers may not handle UDP and TCP forwarded to the same port reliably.

Teredo/IPv6 and uTP peer/seed connections also use UDP but don't need UDP forwarded to work...it just helps them a little. The router may be better off with them disabled as well. :(

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...it should be encrypted due to above settings.

bt.connect_speed set to its default of 20 new outgoing connection peer/seed attempts per second could be too high, try 1-4 instead.

Even many D-Link routers are trash! They often have very little ram, much like Belkin routers...and so overload easily as well. Look and see if your D-Link router supports Tomato or DD-WRT 3rd party firmwares.

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Don't trash the D-Link, give it away or use it as a wireless network hub. It's usable as a 100 mbit/sec LAN switch.

Do your homework on what to buy. Get at least 3 opinions from different "experts". Tests which resemble reality trump anything printed on the box.

Almost every computer-related company is making lots of bad consumer hardware and software. Most of us just "make do" with what we have.

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