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Should I Adjust Bt Trans Disposition For The Purposes Of Uploading ?


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So, this is the thread to discuss this.

I've set this disposition value to 10 (1.8.4, build 16688), and it produced an awesome upload (and download) speed, in fact 1.5 times higher than my maximum-ever @ 13 during supposedly non-throttled hours (and I am talking about healthy torrents with big swarm). Not to mention the pathetic speed during half of the day ("officially" throttled hours).

Weird, isn't it? (For me it means that I am throttled all the time, just differently at various time-slots.)

I know this version is non-optimized, but probably I should have set that to 15, right? Not forcing just enabling utp, as far as I understood...

The problem is with 10 that I am perceived as non-connectable for some sites and many other clients (e.g. azureus, right?).


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