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Slow downloading Bittorrent(Windows 7)


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Hello, i make this topic because my download speed is utter shit atm;p

I use 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate and i have 20 mb internet from isp Ziggo NL.

Here is a screenshot from me downloading:








I use a Dlink router (DIR-635)

Help would be very much appreciated!

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I'm having this exact problem, my ISP has great speeds up and down but, despite being connected to 85 peers, it seems the speeds are throttled in Windows 7. Everything worked fine until I upgraded to Windows 7 about a week ago. Did you ever solve this problem?

I've set it to run in Windows XP mode, I've check the Port settings and Speed Settings, and I've read Switeck's guides, none of which seems to help.

The only thing I can see wrong in the logger is the occasional failed hash check.

Anyone know why uTorrent has so many problems in Windows 7?

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