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Sudden slow speeds


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I've been using utorrent for the last year on the same computer and the same connection with no problem until about 5 days ago. I had left some torrents to be seeded throughout the night and did about 20 GBs of seeding. I looked at one of the torrents that had a ratio of 20, and it now had a red arrow next to it. Also, I was no longer able to get the RSS feed from the swarm I usually download from. I tried downloading torrents from other swarms, and I had the same problem (RED ARROW and very small dl and upload speeds). Now, sometimes the torrents I dl would have the regular blue arrow, but the speeds would still be horrible. And again, sometimes the upload speed would go back to normal (the limit I had set is 100kb/sec) but would then go down to 5 kb/sec for hours. I have no idea what's going on, it all seems very random to me. The torrents I'm trying to download are from swarms that would usually give me great dl speed.

Things you should know:

1- My network status is OK. I have the green icon

2- I'm getting 100 (4931) seeds 20 (3700) peers but still get shitty speeds---> just an example

3- I tried the troubleshooting guide but it didn't help

4- When I try to download one of the test torrents, I get the speeds I'm used to (4mb/sec dl)

I know 4 should tell me that it's a problem with the swarm, but I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. Any ideas?


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I'm sorry, totally forgot about that:

I just did a quick test: 1772 kb/ sec dl 1064kb/s upload...though I usually get more than that. I'm in Germany and the test server is in LA.

utorrent settings: Connections (per torrent): 125 Globally: 800

Upload slots: 25 Upload limit: 1mbyte/sec (though I had it limited to 100kb/sec)

because I use my upload speed for other things as well.

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"Upload slots: 25 Upload limit: 1mbyte/sec (though I had it limited to 100kb/sec)

because I use my upload speed for other things as well."

If you reduce your upload speed limit so much (1000 KB/sec to 100 KB/sec), then you should also reduce upload slots at least as well by roughly an equal amount (25 reduced to 2 or 3). Otherwise you're uploading extremely slow to other peers and they can refuse to upload back to you, causing very low download speeds.

But...you're also having other problems not related to that!

Try reducing global and per-torrent max connections to 100 or less.

Disable: DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Resolve IPs, UPnP, NAT-PMP

Reduce bt.connect_speed from its default of attempting up to 20 outgoing peer/seed connections per second to only 4.

Reduce net.max_halfopen to 8 if it was set higher or 4 if it was at 8 already.

What uTorrent version and build number are you using? (Help, about uTorrent)

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Sorry, I was on vacation and wasn't on for a while.

I tried what you last suggest, but I'm still having the same problem.

On a side note, utorrent is also now refusing to update to the latest build. It says there was a problem trying to download it. Just to be sure, I disabled Windows Firewall, but it still did the same thing over and over.

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