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The maxi upload speed after running the speed test is set at 256k. If by 'maxi upload speed' you mean the 'Maximum upload rate (kB/s)' under 'Bandwidth' on the 'Preferences' tab, this is manually set to 0, this is a further issue however, as with the original question, when I go back to this tab, the 0 has been automatically changed to a different number, as has the 'Number of Connections'. If by 'maxi upload speed' you mean on the uTorrent window, after right clicking on a torrent, 'Bandwidth Allocation', 'Set Upload Limit', this is set to 'Unlimited'.

Under 'Queueing' on the 'Preferences' tab, the 'Queue Settings', 'Maximum number of active torrents) upload or download)' is set to the number of torrents I am downloading which is 211, this is also the number to which I set 'Maximum number of active downloads', after clicking OK and then later going back to this tab the numbers have changed from 211 and 211 to 2 and 1 respectively.

Also, after setting the 'Connection Type' under 'Speed Guide' to the relevant speed at my location, after going back this tab has also changed back to 'Current Settings' rather than staying at the set limit.

Does it make a difference to be downloading the full 211 torrents, or should I try a smaller number of torrents and then when a torrent finishes add a stopped one to the ones downloading.

Could someone assist on this as it's annoying to say the least as I am leaving my computer on for a reason so it downloads the torrents and when returning it has automatically changed the numbers of the above fields and is only downloading two torrents.

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