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End of my tether


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I've only just switched from BitComet to µTorrent, and am having the same problems with speed (or lack thereof) that have plagued me for years.

After loading up µTorrent for the first time and applying the general settings I was getting one of my torrents to d/l at 220 kb/s, which is lightning fast compared with my usual speeds.

I then decided to try port forwarding to increase the speed. I followed the port forwarding instructions and have checked that the port is open, but this has resulted in my torrents now being downloaded at 0.1kbps. Utter nightmare.

I have the following set-up:

Belkin router

Internet connection: 10 Mb/s (although SpeedYest shows me at 5.92 Mb/s down; 0.37 Mb/s up)

Winidows XP

What on earth do I need to do to get my torrents (plenty of seeders vs. leechers, incidentally) to speed up? I'm utterly dismayed at how poor my speeds are.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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I must be a total retard, because I don't know the difference between a router and a modem - I only have a Belkin router which is directly plugged into my computer. I don't have any other modem.

I've also adjusted the settings as per DWK's suggestions and I still can't get these torrents to d/l above 1kbps.

I've run Glasnost and my ISP isn't limiting access, so what is happening here? It's unbelievable that I can pay so much for 10MB broadband and yet can't get these shitty torrents to download above dial-up speed. So frustrating.

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My Belkin router is plugged directly into my PC and nothing else. Occasionally I connect my Xbox to it, but not when I'm downloading anything from the PC.

I've run Glasnost and my ISP isn't throttling on the port I have open.

Is there anything else it could be?

EDIT -> Right, this is turning into a joke - I've uninstalled all traces of my torrent download programmes and then reinstalled, but nothing changes. I'd even take my shitty 40kb/s speeds I was getting before instead of this crap (0.7kb/s). Is there any way I can start from scratch? Do I have to delete the torrents I'm downloading and reinstall? Tinkering with the settings is doing absolutely nothing to help.

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