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Unstable Upload speed. 2.0 vs 1.8.5


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Well, when uTorrent said that there's final version of 2.0 I immediately downloaded it. I remember that I finished using 2.0 Beta when I noticed that it has unstable upload speed, and I installed 1.8.5 again.

Everything was fine, actually I wasn't uploading anything significant today.

But just recently created a torrent for a friend. Same country.

I noticed that upload speed rises and falls all the time. I rolled back to 1.8.5 and everything works perfectly.



Then I updated it to 2.0 again to make screenshot... you can see results above.

After installing 1.8.5. once again - everything works fine.

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You don't have enough peers for me to make such a judgment call.

Unreliable peers could be the cause.

uTorrent v1.8.1-v1.8.5 has uTP as well, but presumably doesn't work as well as v2.0...so if they're present and v2.0 is using uTP to connect to them, they may download a little bit from you then disconnect and reconnect. Bingo, your graph seems to show just that!

Or it could mean something more severe, like this:


...But without more info and a better test, it is impossible to say!

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But I have 1 peer - the same for 2.0 and 1.8.5.

He is downloading today on 1.8.5 with the speed of ~60 KB/s all the time. Stable upload from my side, and stable download from his.

While when I use 2.0 it is wave-like upload all the time.

So you think that if we both install 2.0 - it will work better, because of better support of uTP?


We just tested both using 2.0

It connects to him using uTP.... Uploads some time, and speed falls down to 0. After that he (the only leecher) disappears from peers list, and after few seconds appears again without uTP near IP address.

Then it uploads for some time, and peer vanishes immediately without speed falling to 0, and then appears with [uTP] again.

Edit #2:

Now we tried when he still has 2.0, and I roll back to 1.8.5.

His IP appears in Peers list, Upload starts, last for few seconds, and his IP disappears. Another 10 seconds or so, and it appears again, and after few seconds of Upload vanishes.

In my 1.8.5 his IP is without [uTP] near it.

And in my friend's 2.0 in Peers list my IP is one time with [uTP], and another - without, then again with, and without again after appearing/disappearing from Peers list.

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Ok. I installed 2.0, and now I see that speed is rather bad when I turn BM off.

There's another torrent with 1 Seeder, who has 2.0. When I use 1.8.5 - it's the same problem - uTP, no uTP, uTP, no uTP.

If I use 2.0, then the download speed is much bigger from a seeder with 2.0 and uTP, comparing to when I turn Bandwidth Management off, like you said.

But if I don't turn it off, my seeding torrent keeps doing same stuff - uTP, no uTP....


These are 2 torrents. One - seeding, second downloading. I'm seeding it to one person, and downloading second from one person too.

I'm seeding to a person with uTorrent 1.8.5 and downloading from a person with uTorrent 2.0.

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