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tracker reports an invalid external ip - embedded tracker


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I can not get the embedded tracker to work when setting up a private torrent.

I did some searching around here and noticed a few suggestions such as:

"just use a public tracker and set it to private, same thing!"

Please don't respond with this suggestion. This is a feature, and it should work.

The one thing I was able to nail down is that when testing this with another peer, the peer reports a tracker error in the log, "tracker reports an invalid external ip". The seeding machine is reporting no error messages.

I'm using dd-wrt pre-sp2 as a router. This isn't a high end commercial router, but it is popular and very powerful. I'm a bit reserved to say it's the router.

Some things I have done:

I can use utorrent fine on both test machines. Both machines have port forwarding configured correctly and I don't have a problem with any other torrents.

I can successfully seed a file IF I use a public tracker when using both test machines.

My embedded tracker/torrent is set to use the external IP. Both machines respond with the correct extrenal IP as the tracker/port and respond that it's working, again, except the PEER machine reports this error, "tracker reports an invalid external ip"

Yes, I can then manually add the seeded machine as a peer and the transfer will begin.

I have even gone further and turned off the Windows firewall and put the seed machine into DMZ.

The peer machine is on the internet and not on my LAN.

I am using the latest version of utorrent, 2/18296

So please don't say, 1) deal with it, 2) just use this hack work around, and/or 3) it's your router.

I want to better understand this error message. My gut feeling is that I'm not the only one who has this isssue, however, I think most users don't use the embedded tracker so it's just not getting the attention it deserves. And I don't think it's broken for everyone either.

My initial reaction is that the tracker/seeder is providing the peer with a local IP address. The peer can't do anything with a 10.x.x.x address and spits out the error "tracker reports an invalid external ip".

I even tried to enable the Web UI and change the port so that the embedded tracker runs on another incoming port. That didn't work either.

Re-adding the tracker (showing twice and using a space between the tracker list) in the peer machine does not help either.

I'm not going to rule out dd-wrt, but then again, I don't see others screaming in the dd-wrt forums either.

How do we further troubleshoot this? Thanks

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The error, "tracker reports an invalid external IP" is still reported in the logger of the peered machine. I am using your suggested solution on both seed/tracker and peer machine. Any other suggestions?

It appears to ignore this option on the seed/embedded tracker machine and go with the reserved IP address (192.168.x, etc). This is just my guess. This seems to be a bug? If there are no other suggestions, shall I put this in the bug forum? Thanks again.

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I did this on both the peer machine and the seed machine with the following results:

The seed/tracker machine reported it's own internet IP in x.x.x.x form

Once I started the peer up, the peer reported the seed/tracker's internet IP in x.x.x.x:0 form (note: yes, it said zero, not the correct port as configured in utorrent/router/firewall)

I had to "update tracker" in order for the seed/tracker to report the peer even existed. Once I did this, the peerlist copy changed to the peer's internet IP in the x.x.x.x:0 form (note: yes, it said zero, not the correct port as configured in utorrent/router/firewall)

Nothing ever visually shows up in the peer tab. I am just using your instructions using the peer list copy.

Is the port not being sent/recieved correctly by the tracker to the clients and vice versa?

edit- I also tried to put the port in the "ip/hostname to report to tracker" field and nothing changed.

edit2- I guess I'll move this discussion to the bug section, since there seems to be a lack of responses/input to troubleshooting this. Thanks.

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Yeah, I don't think I'm the only one here. I just generally think the embedded tracker is:

A) not at all a high priority

B) used by a extremely small percentage of users

If you want a real tracker, use a real tracker. If you want any kind of "private" tracker behavior, you shouldn't be using utorrent or any other sharing style network.

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frustrating: I had used this quite extensively without a problem in past versions. Now with the latest build, I am getting the same symptoms: No errors, shows as seeding, but the msg: Tracker reports an invalid external IP in the logger. I was able to download succesfully on another computer from same IP address and it shows as two peers because of that, but no one else can connect. I have not changed routers or any other configuration at home. I have done hundreds of private torrents with the embedded tracker in past so I know what I am doing with it.

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Yes I am getting the same issue. I saw your post in bug too.

I have tried various combinations including adding a new tracker to the standard


Under the Peers tab I have set Log Traffic to Logger Tab and have some additional info below

I get the following

Disconnect: Can't sync DH3 and also

Disconnect: No such torrent:

I have loaded the torrent to download on the same PC and it picks up the 1 (3) peers but no seeds.

The uploading torrent picks up 0 (2) under Seeds.

So I think the problem lies on the uploading torrent file as there are no Peers in the tab where as I can see the other PC on my downloading torrent.

Wow I hope that makes sense in the morning :)

Please note this is my first embedded torrent even though I have used uTorrent for years.

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