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Plzzz help me


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Not sure.

Went looking all over www.optus.com.au and couldnt find anything about my download/upload speed. All I could find was my plan, its details and what would happen if I went over my 15GB cap. It slows right down to 128kbs.

I understand it's not exactly clear information, but I'm a n00b when it comes to all of this.

Is Optus in Melbourne considered to be poor? Should I look at changing my ISP?

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Use speedtest as instructed.

When the map of the world comes and locates your country of origin, a box with 'Begin Test' will appear above said map.

Click on 'Begin Test' and the test, as the text suggests, will begin.

The ping test will just about happen automatically. The download test will follow and should take no more than 45secs - 1min. The upload test follows after and is finished relatively quickly.

Remember to exit out of all your browsers and have nothing downloading while you are conducting this test. This way you will be able to get a true reading of your download and upload speed.

Hope this helps.

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