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slow download


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Common Checklist™:

1) latest beta

2) speed guide (Ctrl G) used to choose upload speed

3) Network OK in status bar

4) Verified router/modem is not on this list http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#Modems_routers_that_are_known_to_have_problems_with_P2P

5) read the stickies in the Speed Problems subforum

and http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2000

This thread should go under Speed Problems forum by the way =]

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Unlimited upload can have problems, since you won't have enough upload left to request pieces from other users.

Edit - Oh, and for reference, share ratio has no bearing on speed. It's only how much you uploaded in the last minute or so that will effect your download speed. Also, make sure your ISP isn't throttling bit torrent, as a lot do.

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my ISP is talktalk (carphone warehouse) 1 meg broadband on ADSL using a Mercury 10Mbit router with port forwarding on 20074, The router isnt in the list but eqivalent model art18cx is. running xp sp2 with all updates, protowall V 2.0 and zonealarm for a firewall. I used to get 30 -70 kbs with bitcomet but most sites have banned it, u torrent was recommended


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