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Connection falls when I'm downloading a Torrent.


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uTorrent version 2.0 is more aggressive because it makes outgoing UDP connections for peers/seeds.

uTorrent v1.8.5 and earlier did not do this (at least by default).

But that alone is not enough to cause problems unless you have OTHER issues as well.

...Which is what my link is for.

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I think this is the exact point to my problem... I solved it disabling the uTP by setting bt.transp_disposition = 5.

But now, i guess i dont getting my full download/upload speed... i'll be watching for sure!


oh no, more problems... I resolved the falling of connection with bt.transp_disposition = 5, but now i cant make donwload and upload at same time... when download start, speed of upload decrease... if I stop download, speed of upload increase. with 1.85 doesn't do it!!!

I'm tired, i'll use the version 1.85... 2.0 wasn't good for me! bye

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