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Right-click multiple trackers and "Form Tier"


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"In top right window (main torrent window), right-click and choose properties.

It's best to edit tracker lists there."

My point is: that way of doing it is tedious with long lists. There's no way of sorting trackers in torrent properties! It would be easier to do from the GUI. It's possible to add or delete trackers from the GUI, why not make tiers?

"Having multiple/many tracker tiers is almost always a bad idea."

Exactly! Combining similar trackers into tiers makes less tiers. It also reduces load on the trackers. A lot of torrents have tracker lists with multiple tiers for the same tracker:



Two tiers for the same trackers. I see this quite a lot, and it makes utorrent connect twice simultaneously to the same tracker, on two different protocols. A lot of times, there will be WAY too many tiers for the same trackers.

It's a pain in the ass to open and edit each torrent's properties, especially if you download a LOT of torrents, like me. It takes me much too long to do that for these torrents with redundant tracker lists.

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