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Web UI - Only works sometimes


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I recently set up Web UI (0.370) with µTorrent (2.0.1) and it doesn't work all the time.

When I turn on the computer with µTorrent, I can access Web UI from any other computer - but if I close the browser window and try to open it again later, it won't load. I have to restart the µTorrent computer before I can access the Web UI again.

I'm not sure why this is happening. I'm running µTorrent on Windows7 and accessing it from Windows XP/Vista - if it's of any interest.

Any ideas or easy fixes? Thanks

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i have a similar problem, but mine is that it does not work at first, then starts working.

i am running utorrent on a windows server 2008 rc2 machine. trying to access in firefox. there is windows firewall, but i have added an exception to allow this, and it does get through eventually.

i get an "invalid request error" and then try again a few minutes later, and it works. i change nothing, i just hit refresh. by looking around, most people have this diagnosed as the url is wrong, but it does work eventually, and i dont change the url.

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