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High Ram Use


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Hi all uTorrent users, i got a problem.

8 GB Ram

i7 920 Processor

Windows Server 2008 Web Edition

i have a dedicated server that property above. And uTorrent uses all of 8 GB Ram thats up to %98 . Doesn't use much processor. Disk Cache is standart configuration. I gave the picture below, i'd be glad if You're help me.


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Wait a minute, I just noticed your second post again, saying that utorrent returns to normal levels 5-6 percent. Are you sure you're refering to ram usage. Processes don't list percentages of ram taken up only a value (in KB of memory) CPU on the other hand is shows per process at the percentage level. The only time you'll see a percentage of ram used will be at the bottom of the task manager and it should show no less than about 15 on a brand new clean system with 8gb ram.

I'm guessing that 5-6 percent should be from cpu usage. If your CPU not ram is going to 98% then look at this post http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=76216

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