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hi all. sorry if under wrong section.

i suppose i will be jumped all over from a great height for asking this, but i dont want to make any mistakes. i read that there are problems with ipv6 in windows 7. i am using win 7 ultimate, 32 bit. i would like to disable the unneeded parts of ipv6, but have no idea what bits to disable and which bits to leave alone. i gather that some parts of win 7 need ipv6, so a blanket disable is not wise and obviously dont want to upset anything in utorrent (using 2.0.3 build 20664 atm) either. therefore, can someone inform me which bits are safe to disable and how to do it, please? i looked at the link posted by paintball9, but still dont know which option to chose, eg, do i use the 2nd option under 'fix it for me' or do i use one of the other manual options? which one? have already 'unticked' the ipv6 option in network connections. hope someone can advise me.


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tnx for reply, moogly. i was under the possible misinterpretation then that there were parts of ipv6 that could cause a security hole to be exposed when using torrent clients. so do you mean it is actually not necessary to disable any part of ipv6 at all then, reverting back to ipv4 only? the info i read concerning the flaws with it are unfounded or just not affecting utorrent or it's users? sure you know what i mean, but these are the options i needed advice on, if needing to implement any changes:

Let me fix it myself

To disable certain IPv6 components yourself, follow these steps:

1. Click Start button,

type regedit in the Start Search box, and then click regedit.exe in the Programs list.

2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.

3. In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following registry subkey:


4. Double-click DisabledComponents to modify the DisabledComponents entry.

Note If the DisabledComponents entry is unavailable, you must create it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD (32-bit) Value.

2. Type DisabledComponents, and then press ENTER.

3. Double-click DisabledComponents.

5. Type any one of the following values to configure the IPv6 protocol, and then click OK:

1. Type 0 to enable all IPv6 components.

Note The value "0" is the default setting.

2. Type 0xffffffff to disable all IPv6 components, except the IPv6 loopback interface. This value also configures Windows Vista to use Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) instead of IPv6 in prefix policies.

3. Type 0x20 to use IPv4 instead of IPv6 in prefix policies.

4. Type 0x10 to disable native IPv6 interfaces.

5. Type 0x01 to disable all tunnel IPv6 interfaces.

6. Type 0x11 to disable all IPv6 interfaces except for the IPv6 loopback interface.

ignore all of the above for the time being then?

tnx again

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The security hole is related to VPN use only, It allows the user to be traced back to their original connection by extracting their mac address (part of how your IPv6 address is determined). Like Moogly said not everyone has this bug. I personally have had no problems with IPv6 and windows 7.

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many tnx to all for replies. much appreciated. i haven't actually changed the ipv6 setting within utorrent. net.disable_ipv6 is set to true. assume that is how it should be, so will leave that alone. from what you say in your last post, moogly, only the PPTP protocol is a problem. therefore, if using a VPN service/client, which i dont atm, what protocols are safe and why dont all VPN services use the safe ones? just cost? also, if UDP is VPNized, i assume that would be/is a safer option than HTTP, so safe and sensible to remove those trackers and only leave the UDP ones? just trying to understand a bit more guys. sorry for all the questions

just read a post by Switeck under similar topic. states that 'If you're using Teredo/IPv6, then you're even more traceable -- it can be used to determine your real IPv4 address'. this is the type of thing i am concerned about and would like to prevent, if possible. hence my original question about disabling the ipv6 option (and Teredo, if necessary, as well) safely.

any further advice available guys, given the comment above from Switeck i copied from another similar topic?

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