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really need some help


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ive been using utorrent for just about a day now (im a noob, yes), and i could really use some help on how to increase my download speeds. all the internet speed tests ive been running online have been telling me that my dl speed is around 1.4 mb/s when my utorrent download speed is at a pitiful

6.7 kb/s!!!

please i could really use some help quick ive looked at the setup guides and configured my setting according to them and it hasnt done anything to help me at all. but please, if you do help make it noob friendly!

thanks a ton guys

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First of all we're not always on, so bumping 20 minutes later probably won't make a difference, also there are only 3 posts in this section since last time so its not like you're off the page anyways.

As for your question, try testing (starting the download and see if you speed is any good on those torrents after running for a while)

Try one or both of them. (they will both have multiple versions eg x64, x86. it doesn't matter what version, you're just testing out your speed)

openoffice.org (shouldn't be too hard to find the download page once you're there)

skackware (its a linux distro, same idea, just google it to find the homepage)

Report back here whether or not you get the same slow speeds on those torrents or if it improves.

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1st link in my signature, LAST post of that message thread.

Do as much of that as you easily can, and then we maybe can go from there with more info.

It's pretty critical to know AV, firewall, router, modem, and DL/UL line speeds.

(and spell out what you mean by mb/s and kb/s...there's MegaBYTES/second and megabits/second, and they're not the same things.)

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